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PICS take one from the Bandits

By Eric Richardson, 12/02/18, 8:30PM EST


Game Summary

The Springfield Pics put up seven against a lean Boston Bandits bench Sunday afternoon.

Maxim Sazanovets opened up the scoring with a pass from Daniel Murnieks and Josh Tisdell at the 1:50 mark into the 1st period.

The Bandits returned the favor with a breakaway. Dominic Mauretti got the goal at the 10:23 mark into the 1st.

The Pics then scored six unanswered goals.

Carter Hanrahan got a goal at the 3:05 mark into the 2nd period. Sazanovets and Murnieks got credited with the assists.

Videep Venulapalli got the next goal at the 5:14 mark into the 2nd period. Ed Lundy and Mike Penna were credited with the assist.

Venulapalli got the next goal at the 14:17 mark into the second. Penna and Mark Shvetsov got credited with the assist.

Murnieks got the 4th goal of the 2nd period with one minute remaining. Penna and Hanrahan got credited with the assists.

Sazanovets got the 1st and 2nd goals in the 3rd, giving him his first hat trick of the season.  The goal at the 7:46 mark had Hanrahan and Luc Fricchione as the assistors. His goal at the 8:44 mark into the 3rd had Murnieks and Mike Bonavita credited with the assists.

The Bandits put one more on the board with a quick shot from Nolan Roche at the 12:19 mark into the 3rd.

Ilya Spirin got the win with 40 saves, Tyler MacKoul of the Bandits got the loss with 21 saves. Edward Pezzelli got 22 saves in relief.

The Pics play next against the Northern Cyclones on December 8th. They play for the final time this year at the Olympia on Friday, December 14th at 8:30pm