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PICS 18U Wins Rifles East West Invitational Hockey Tournament

By K.SILVA, 09/17/19, 11:00AM EDT


Our Springfield PICS 18U team put in a solid weekend of hockey performances in the Rifles Showcase Tournament that ultimately led them to being crowned the Champions of the 18U bracket. Game breakdowns are below:

Game 1 Saturday 6-0 Win over the RI Saints
Goalie Matthew Jonas made 9 saves on 9 shots
PICS Goals:
1) Aleksis Burkits from Cam Perez and Joe Bouchard
2) Owen Stacey from Rasmus Pearson and Luc Fricchione
3) Power-Play Goal Derek Boutin from Bouchard and Kyle Nelson
4) Derek Boutin from Cam Perez and Meyer
5) Brock Baumann from Luc Fricchione and Nico Rodrigues
6) Max Sazanovets from Aleksis Burkits and Kade Bacon

Game 2 Saturday 4-3 Win over the NE River Hawks split
Goalie Cam Schnoop made 13 saves on 16 shots
PICS Goals:
1) Aleksis Burkits from Joe Bouchard and Connor O’Brien
2) Ryan Moorhouse from Aleksis Burkits and Max Sazanovets
3) Kyle Nelson from Nico Rodrigues and Aleksis Burkits
4) Nico Rodrigues from Connor O’Brien and Derek Boutin

Game 3 Sunday 4-1 Win over the 95 giants prep
Goalie Sam Zavelson made 20 saves on 21 shots
PICS Goals:
1) Louis Pelland from Ryan Moorehouse and Connor O’Brien
2) Owen Stacey from Alex Urusov and Brock Baumann
3) Power Play Goal Alex Urusov from Owenn Stacey and Brandon Meyer
4) Power Play Goal Akesis Burkits from Kyle Nelson and Brandon Meyer

Game 4 Semi-Final Game Sunday 3-1 Win over the 95 River Rats
Goalie Cam Schnoop made 13 saves on 16 shots
PICS Goals:
1) Power Play Goal Owen Stacey from Brock Baumann and Luc Fricchione
2) Connor O’Brien from Derrick Boutin and Ryan Moorehose
3) Aleksis Urusov from Brock Baumann and Nico Rodrigues

Game 5 Championship Round Sunday 2-1 Win over Yale Showcase
Goalie Sam Zavelson made 16 saves on 17 shots
PICS Goals:
1) Derek Boutin from Ryan Moorehouse and Louis Pelland
2) Nico Rodrigues from Joe Bouchard and Max Sazanovets