Mike Dion keeps a close eye on the puck
Joseph Sriprajittichai holding off the Kings offense
Mike Dion makes the save
Daniel Gysi keeping tabs on the Kings rushing forwards
Bryan Platt calls for the puck
John Carricato waiting for his chance to mix it up
Ooops there it is!
Armand Uomoleale just misses the net
Sam Levin plants himself in front of the Kings net-minder
Nick Bondra looks for the puck
Dominic Nitti snaps one from the blue-line
Mike Dion with the save of the game
Sam Levin giving the goalie a reason to sit
Sam Levin muscling his way to get to the puck in front of the net
The Pics rush the puck into the zone
Joe Tucker waits for a pass in front of the net
Nick Bondra brings the puck down the ice
Trace Jablin brings the puck cross center ice
Armand Uomoleale skates past a Kings defender
The Pics look for the open pass
David Lackner moves up the ice into the Kings zone