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Biletting / Housing
West Springfield, MA

The Springfield Pics Jr Hockey program has players often move hundreds sometimes thousands, of miles from home to train and play in West Springfield, MA. While in West Springfield the 15-20 year olds rely on a support team that includes coaches, family, and friends. The players rely most on their host families, who provide a home and family environment during the players 7 months in the program. The Pics have been fortunate to have many loyal families throughout the years open their hearts and homes to Springfield Pics players.

In addition to playing, boys have been able to complete their high school educations, take classes in local colleges, or hold part time jobs while pursuing their hockey opportunities and dreams.

What is expected of the host family?
The player needs a room of his own, or can share with a team member. He needs a bed, bureau, closet space and a desk or table and chair. While players are expected to provide bed and bath linens, personal care items, cell phones, media equipment and take care of their own transportation needs, each housing situation has its own unique mix of these things. The family also needs to provide the players with three meals a day: a basic breakfast, a bag lunch and an evening meal. When the players are on the road, they take care of their own food expenses.

What is expected of the players?
They must obey all team and house rules and show respect and consideration toward all family members. They need to take care of their own belongings.

How long is a host family’s commitment?
This varies depending on the player. Some are with the family during the hockey season only. Others need to complete the school year. Some players go home for the weekend as often as the game schedule permits. All go home over the holiday breaks.

Families receive a monthly billeting payment for each player. Some have found it easier to house two players as they then travel together and are company for each other. There have been some instances when 3 players, or even 4, have been welcomed by one family. Host families have included traditional 2-parent families, single-parent families and “empty-nesters” too. All that’s really needed is a willingness to help a player pursue his dream by providing a “home away from home”.

Want to talk about being a host family?
Please call the office or send an email. Your willingness to share your home and family is all it takes, and the players will thank you many times over!

Please contact GM/Coach Patrick Tabb at patricktabb@gmail.com or 413-736-8100 ext:14